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User Guide on Central SharePoint 2013 Service

Central SharePoint Service is a collaborative service based on a central Microsoft SharePoint 2013 server.  This initiative provides departments with a wide range of functions for enhancing collaboration and communication among University members.  Some of the features to highlight are blogging, group calendar, document library and search, and group website.  Under this initiative, group email addresses of a department will be available for use on the central email and calendar platform, called HKUCC1 or HKUCC-COM. (stands for 'communication'.)

Capabilities are highlighted below - ABCEDF:

  1. Delegate site provisioning and user rights Administration
  2. Blogging
  3. Group Calendar
  4. Document library
  5. Webpage Editing
  6. Find by searching

where deptabbre is the department abbreviation used in Central Windows domains (HKUCC-COM)

Eligible users

All Central Email and Calendar Service for Staff (HKUCC1) users or
New staff who joined the university after September 2008.
Student is not eligible to use this service at this stage.

Primary administrator

A departmental user will be assigned as the Primary Administrator to manage the departmental workspace including site provisioning and user rights administration.


No cost for initial application.
20 GB disk quota will be located to a new departmental workspace, Primary Administrator able to create up to 100 SharePoint site collections (e.g. group/team sites) within the allocated storage space.
Please refer to CF-101c for the cost details if additional storage space is required.

Email Group

An add-on service called Email Group also introduced to facilitate site administrators to manage user right administration and handle email grouping.

Service application

Please refer to: CF-158 form and notes

User Guide for General Users

User Guide for site administrator