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User Guide on Multi-media Streaming

1. Introduction

The Information Technology Services has a video streaming server which is open to the University Departments for hosting video files and share them through Internet. The video streaming server supports “flv” and “f4v” video file format only.

Before using the service, video owner needs to apply for a video streaming service account. Each department is allowed to own one Video Streaming Service account. Video owners need to work with their departmental account representative for hosting their videos. Please note that each account is allocated a file folder for data storage with 3GB size.

The owner of a video can choose to share or apply restriction to the video file. If there is no restriction applied, the video files are open to public. The Multimedia Streaming Service also supports restricting a video to a specified list of users, the list of users must have valid HKU Portal ID and require login to HKU Portal before able to view the video.  The restriction is done by applying an access control list (acl) to individual video file, the acl can contain the HKU Portal ID, staff number or student number of the intended viewer.

2. Guidelines on using the Multi-media Streaming Service

  1. Each department is allocated with one account on request. This account will be shared by other users within the same department.
  2. The guide on the Video Streaming Service is found at
  3. The Procedure for Encoding, Uploading and Publishing Flash Videos Files is found at
  4. The Procedure for Single Sign-On Control is found at
  5. The procedure on checking storage size used is found at

3. Procedures on using the Multi-media Streaming Service

Apply for Video Streaming Service Account

Please fill in CF43 ”Reservation of Video Collaboration Device/Service & Application for Video Server Account”.