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Procedure to configure Windows 8 to access "HKU" WiFi

A. Pre-requisite
B. Configuration Procedure for Windows 8 (To be done once)
C. Connection Procedure (Connect to "HKU" WiFi)
D. Security Note

A. Pre-requisite

To access "HKU" WiFi, you must:

  • For HKU Portal account created before 5 June 2009, register to enable "HKU" WiFi access by login HKU Portal > Campus Information Services > Central IT Services > Register to use WiFi service.
  • For HKU Portal account created on or after 5 June 2009, no registration is required.

B. Configuration Procedure for Windows 8 (To be done once only)

The following is a sample procedure on Windows 8 PC configuration for enabling "HKU" WiFi:

  1. In Windows 8, download the WiFi auto-configuration program here.
  2. Save the program to your local drive.
  3. Double click WiFi_Setup.exe to run the program.
  4. The configuration is done automatically, press any key to close the program.
  5. Try connecting to WiFi, and you will be prompted with the credential (User name and Password).
    • Type in your HKU Portal UID in the format of in the User name field.
    • Type in your HKU Portal PIN in the Password field.
    • Click OK to logon.
  6. If you failed to run the WiFi auto-configuration program, please follow the configuration procedure here to setup your notebook manually.

C. Connection Procedure (Connect to "HKU" WiFi)

Move the mouse cursor to the top right corner of the screen to reveal the Charms Menu.

1.         Click Settings

Click Settings

2.         Click Available

Click Available

3.         Select HKU

4.         Click Connect

Click Connect

5.        ◦ Type in your HKU Portal UID in the format of in the User name field.

◦ Type in your HKU Portal PIN in the Password field.

◦ Click OK to logon.

Enter Credential


D. Security Note

Since HKU Portal UID and PIN are employed to login at "HKU" WiFi, as a better password security measure, you would be asked to change your HKU Portal PIN if you have not changed it for six months.