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6. Email Service

1. HKU Connect Email Service for Students

All new students are created with an account for using HKU Connect Email service, an outsourced email service running on the Google platform. This account provides unlimited disk quota. Students can keep this email account for use after graduation.

The email address is assigned based on the HKU Portal UID (UID) and the pre-assigned email address is Student can use the simplified email address for receiving emails and emails will be automatically forwarded from to This email forwarding function will be available for use until students' graduation. If a student change his/her UID, the email address will be changed correspondingly.

Students can check emails via the MyEmail tab of HKU portal.

HKU Connect Email Service

2. Central Email/Calendar Service for Staff

Upon successful application of an HKU Portal account, all new staff can use the central email/calendar service (HKUCC1). Each staff member is allocated with a default disk quota of 5GB under their HKU email accounts. This email service is running on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and it is an in-house email system designated solely for use by staff members. The upgrade of the central email system supporting staff email service (HKUCC1) from Microsoft Exchange 2007 to 2013 is in progress.  New staff email account will be created on Exchange 2013 platform while current staff members will receive notification on the migration schedule in due course.

The email address is Staff can access their emails via the MyEmail tab of HKU Portal or the email client, Microsoft Outlook.

Staff Email

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