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3. HKU Portal

ITS runs 24-hour non-stop system and network services to support the IT needs of the University. All students and staff are given a computer account, identified uniquely by an HKU Portal UID (User Identification) and an associated PIN (Personal Identification Number), for accessing a wide range of network services and applications conveniently.

The HKU Portal ( provides a user-friendly and easy-to-access interface for University members to access all the centrally provided IT services including services offered under the Student Information System (SIS), Human Capital Management System (HCMS), electronic mail, learning management system “Moodle”, web-based administrative applications, and Library services through a high-speed campus network.

HKU Portal


1. Your HKU Portal UID (User Identification)

The UID is composed of 4 to 8 characters where the first character must be a lower case letter and the remaining characters can be lower case letters or digits. The PIN must have 10-18 characters.

For students:

The HKU Portal UID and PIN will be distributed to new students upon admission registration. Thus, no application is required. The pre-assigned UID begins with “h” or “u” followed by the 3rd to the 9th digits of the HKU student number. For example, if the 10-digit student number is 2017567890, the pre-assigned UID will be h1656789 and the corresponding email address will be Similarly, if the student number is 3031234567, the pre-assigned UID will be u3123456 and the corresponding email address will be

Students can change their pre-assigned UID (once only during the entire study at the University) upon admission registration at the University if they prefer to choose another UID. This change can be made via the HKU Portal (My Page > Campus Information Services > Central IT Services > Change UID) within 7 days after Master Registration.

For staff:

New staff members will receive an initial password and procedures on application for HKU Portal UID from the Human Resource Section of Registry (HRS) together with the appointment letter . Upon receipt, they can apply for the HKU Portal account at and set the UID and PIN of their choice. For staff members without an initial password provided by HRS, they can apply for HKU Portal UID through (note that this link is accessible within HKU campus network only).

For staff members who have applied for HKU Portal account before and the end date of their last appointment is within 190 days prior to the commencement of the appointment now on offer, they are NOT required to submit an application and they should continue to use their previous HKU Portal UID and PIN. Otherwise they are required to re-apply for it using the same HKU Portal UID in accordance with the steps mentioned above.

The UID chosen by a student or staff member should resemble his/her name. ITS reserves the right to disapprove any chosen UID which is deemed inappropriate. A fee of HK$200 will be charged for late or subsequent change requests to recover part of the administrative overhead.


Since the personal information of staff and students can be accessed using their UID and PIN, they are strongly advised to change their initial HKU Portal PIN as soon as possible and form a habit of changing their PIN regularly to prevent unauthorized access to their personal information. They must also keep their PIN confidential.

The change of PIN can be done via the HKU Portal (type "pin" in the Search field and click the link "Change HKU Portal PIN"). Staff and students can register their mobile phone number and alternate email address with ITS at the time when they change the initial PIN.  After that, they can reset their PIN online whenever it is forgotten.  

2. Taking care of your UID and PIN

Every HKU Portal UID is unique and PIN is required for accessing the central IT services that require authentication. Please remember to keep it safe. Some security tips are given below:

  • KEEP YOUR PIN/passwords CONFIDENTIAL as you will be held responsible for all transactions using your UID and PIN/passwords.
  • Change your PIN/passwords regularly.
  • Use a PIN/password of 10-18 characters long and include combinations of letters (upper and lower case) and digits.
  • Avoid using easily guessed PIN/passwords such as names of places, a word from a dictionary, nickname, date of birth, phone numbers, car plate numbers, any string of digits, a person's name, drama/film character, brand of products, simple patterns of letters on keyboard, e.g. 'qwert' or a string of all the same letter.
  • Choose a PIN/password that is easy to remember and type so that others will not be able to look over your shoulder to know your PIN/passwords while you are typing.
  • To devise a good PIN/password, think of a clause or a phrase. Choose the first character of the words in the clauses or phrase. For example, 'happy birthday to you 2 Winnie the Pool and Tigger' makes up the PIN/password 'hbty2WtPaT'.
  • Do not run any programs from an unknown source which may contain keystroke trapping programs.


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