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11. Protect Your PC from Computer Viruses and Network Attack

Students and staff must protect their PCs vigilantly against computer viruses, trojan horses and spyware because they affect not only the operation of their PCs but also the performance of the entire campus network and the Internet. It is every user's responsibility to do the following (more details available at

  • Perform Windows Critical Update whenever new critical update is available.
  • Install anti-malware software on the PC and update it with the virus and spyware definition file daily, preferably to be done immediately after the PC is started up. Students can download one copy of the Sophos anti-malware software for use on their PC during their studies at the University under HKU Portal (type "Sophos" under the Search field of HKU Portal and click the searched link "Download Sophos Anti-Virus").
  • If a PC is infected with a virus, the virus may disable it from accessing anti-virus web sites and so it cannot be updated with the latest virus definition file. Students must use another PC to download the special removal tools and the latest virus definition files from the anti-virus web sites (please refer to the FAQ page on Computer Virus at
  • Do NOT open suspicious mail or attachment from unknown/suspicious source.
  • Do NOT visit suspicious web sites or click on unknown web links.
  • Always remember to switch off a PC when not in use for a prolonged period to reduce its chance of being attacked and if infected, to attack other computers or the network. This also saves energy.

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