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Frequently Asked Questions - Information Rights Management

  1. Will my personal data be sent to cloud?
  2. How to sign-in MS Office applications for using IRM?
  3. A PDF file is attached in a protected email, is it also protected by RMS?
  4. Can I protect Word/Excel/PowerPoint/PDF file using my mobile devices?
  5. Which file extensions can I open with RMS Sharing app?
  6. I use "Share Protected" to send an office file by RMS Sharing App in windows, but I find the message generated 2 attachments, why?
  7. What is the difference between "Share Protected" and "Protect in-place"?
  8. Can I stop receiving the email from "" when I setup file protection?
  9. Can I setup file protection with RMS to multiple files at one time?
  10. What is the permission level of "Do Not Forward", "HKU-wide Access" and "HKU-wide Access - View Only" ?
  11. What attachment types are supported by IRM with permission automatically applied to attachments when I send an IRM protected email, e.g., with "Do Not Forward"?
  12. If I send an email with "Do Not Forward" protection and attach files with protection with RMS Sharing Application using “Protect In-place”, which access control will be applied to the attachments?
  13. Can I put the email alias or group email address when I setup protection with RMS Sharing App?
  14. Pop up message is prompted when I open a protected file in Mac with RMS Sharing App.
  15. I can only find an option “Generic Protection” when I setup file protection with RMS Sharing App.
  16. Can I setup multiple permission level for different user in RMS Sharing App?
  17. I received a protected message/file but cannot open it in Outlook/Office application with prompt to change credential.
  18. What are the prerequisites of using IRM?
  19. What are the IRM-aware documents and the significance of IRM-awareness (with protection inherited from Outlook/OWA)?
  20. Why I cannot open protected office document via office applications?
  21. Can I use webmail on mobile platform to read/create protected mail?
  22. I was prompted that I do not have credentials to open an email message. What can I do?
  23. How to set expiry date on documents protected by RMS sharing application?