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2017/04/08 23:00 (Saturday) - 2017/04/23 07:00 (Sunday) - Maintenance of IP phone system

Dear colleagues

To prepare for an upcoming major upgrade of the entire IP phone system, all IP phones being in use in the University (phone numbers start with 3917, around 4,500 in total) will undergo a firmware upgrade during 3 weekends in April 2017. The maintenance schedule is listed below-

Weekend 1: 8/4/2017, Saturday 11:00pm to 9/4/2017, Sunday 7:00am
Weekend 2: 15/4/2017, Saturday 11:00pm to 16/4/2017, Sunday 7:00am
Weekend 3: 22/4/2017, Saturday 11:00pm to 23/4/2017, Sunday 7:00am

During this firmware upgrade, each IP phone will experience a short service interruption of not more than 20 minutes. Colleagues please do not use their IP phone and unplug their phone sets from the network port during the above mentioned upgrade periods.

In case your department is operating 24-hour hotline support service using IP phones, please contact me at 3917 7973 or send an email to to let us know your hotline number. We shall make arrangement with your department to upgrade the phone sets separately.

For enquiries regarding the above scheduled maintenance, please contact our Service Desk at or 3917 0123 during office hours; and call our Computer Room at 2859 2496 after office hours

Thank you for your assistance and we apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.

Kenneth KY Yip
Unified Communication Team
Information Technology Services