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Password Policy: Reminder Messages

Staff and students will be reminded to change their HKU Portal PIN (PIN) regularly every 180 days. Staff and students will see a reminder message when they login to HKU Portal 2 weeks before the password expiry. Upon receipt of the reminder message, staff and students can choose to change their PIN immediately or do so later as follows:

1. Reminder message to be shown 2 weeks before password expiry at the HKU Portal login:

Reminder Message

2. After clicking the "Change PIN Now" button

Change PIN Now

3. After clicking the "Remind Me Later" button

  1.  For students and staff not belonging to administrative/service departments:

Keep your PIN unchanged

  1.  For staff belonging to administrative/service departments (including Information Technology Services, CEDARS, Estates Office, FEO, Registry, Development & Alumni Affairs Office and Management Information Unit of the President's Office):

Confimation of keep your PIN unchange

4. If the HKU Portal account is disabled due to password ageing:

Password locked warning