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User Guide on Multi-media Conferencing

1. Introduction

The Information Technology Services owns a few sets of video conferencing equipment for lending out to University departments for conducting video conference with other parties via Internet. The equipment lending is free of charge for UGC funded activities. But if on-site technical support is required, there is a charge levied on the support manpower.

Requests for non-UGC funded activities or other purposes have to be submitted in writing to the Director of IT Services for consideration. A University overhead charge will be added on top of the regular charges plus a charge for using the equipment in accordance with the charging scheme of the Finance and Enterprise Office,

As there are a few sets of equipment, reservation is required for on a first-come-first-serve basis.

2. Guidelines and procedure on using the video conferencing equipment service

  1. Please fill in CF43 ”Reservation of Video Collaboration Device/Service & Application for Video Server Account” and read the notes (CF43a).
  2. Self-help procedures on using the equipment are available at