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Open a protected email with protection in OWA

Please refer to the following procedure to access email protected using "Do Not Forward" in OWA (Outlook Web Access via or MyEmail tab under HKU Portal).

NOTE: Please notice that the light version of OWA is not compatible with RMS. You can required to use the standard version of OWA to access protected messages. If you did choose the light version from an option, you can refer to the procedure in to get back to the standard version of OWA. 

  1. When you receive protected email, webmail displays it with an icon protected icon.
  2. The protected message will be displayed in the reading pane as below. A header message will appear on the top of the composed message specifying that the permission of the message.
    Sample message protected using "Do Not Forward"
    Do Not Forward
  3. If the email contains attached files with file name extension .ppdf/.pjpg/.ppng/.pgif/.ptxt/.pfile attached in the email, the RMS sharing application is required to access those attachments. Please refer to the procedure here.