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Procedure to access HKU Email via Android (4.1 or above) mobile device IMAP account

This section describes the configuration procedure to access HKU Email via Android (4.1 or above) mobile device IMAP account.

Note: The email app come with Android 4.0 or below may fail to complete the setup. You may consider to download other email app, e.g. “K9 Mail” app from Google Play store for accessing HKU email. The setup procedure is similar.

  1. Open email app on Android device.


  1. Go to “Settings” > “ADD ACCOUNT”.

settings > add account

  1. Input your email address and password. For Graduates, the email address is

input username and password

  1. Select IMAP.

select imap

  1. Account Setup (Incoming)
    1. Username/Password: UID/password
    2. IMAP server:
      Enter for your Graduate mail account
    3. Port: 143
    4. Security type:
      Graduate mail account: STARTTLS (accept all certificates)
    5. IMAP path prefix: Leave it blank
    6. Press Next button

account setup - incoming

  1. Account Setup (Outgoing)

    For Graduate mail account
    Please use your ISP/mobile carrier's SMTP server. You may also use SMTP server of other email service provider, e.g. Gmail, Hotmail.
    Example: Gmail SMTP settings (You may refer to Google Help)
    SMTP server:
    Security type: SSL/TLS
    Username: your full Gmail address
    Password: your Gmail password (You may need to generate Application-specific passwords if you enabled 2-step verification. For details, please refer to Google help )

account setup - outgoing - for graduate

  1. Configure Inbox settings according to your needs. Click Next.

Configure inbox settings

  1. Configure account name and display name. Click “Next” to finish.

configure account name and display name