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Procedure to access HKUCC1 Mail via Android 4.1.x device

This section describes the configuration procedure to access Staff Email (HKUCC1) via Android 4.1.x (Jelly Beans) mobile device Exchange account.

  1. Launch the “Email” app from your Android device.


  2. On the “Set up email” page, enter your Email address using your Portal and password using your Portal PIN and then click “Manual Setup” button.

    Set up email

  3. Click “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync” to continue the setup.

    Add email account

  4. On the “Exchange server” setting page, enter the following information:

    Domain: user name

    hkucc-com\Portal UID
    (e.g. hkucc-com\tmchan)


    Portal PIN

    Exchange server

    Use secure connection (SSL)


    Accept all SSL certificates


    Use client certificate


    Exchange server settings

  5. If you are using Samsung Android device, following message will popup, asking you to accept the activation, click “OK” to proceed:


  6. The device will then ask you to allow remote security administration by server, click “OK” to continue.

    Remote security administration

  7. On the “Account options” or “Account Settings” page, modify the options according to your preference or use the default setting. Click the right arrow button or Next button to continue.

    Account options

  8. On the “Activate device administrator” page, click “Activate” button to allow our Exchange server to remotely control some security features on your device.

    Activate device administrator

  9. Give your preferred name of this account setup in your device and click “Done” to complete the setup.

    Complete the email setup