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Procedure to Access Staff Email (HKUCC1) via Mac Mail on Mac OS X 10.8


  1. Open "System Preference"
  2. Open "Mail, Contacts & Calendars"


  3. The setup screen is shown and then click "Microsoft exchange"

    Select Exchange

  4. Enter the display name, your HKU email address and HKU Portal PIN, then click "Continue".

    Input account

  5. Input the User Name, Password and Exchange server name.
    For staff using Central Email/Calendar Service for Staff (HKUCC1), please enter "" for server address.


  6. After connecting to the server, the following screen will be shown, then click "Continue".


  7. Click if you want to synchronize Contacts/Calendars/Notes in your MacBook, and then click "Add account".

    Select items to sync

  8. The following screen will be shown when new account is created.


NOTE: If you’re using OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.0, please update to v10.8.1 or later and then check the ‘Use Autodiscover service’ as shown below.

Check Autodiscover service