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Procedure to set up Contact Group in webmail interface (OWA)

A Contact Group is a group of email addresses. When you send to a contact group, you are sending to everyone whose email address is included in the list. The following procedure is applicable to Exchange 2013 webmail interface (Outlook Web Access).

A. Create a Contact Group

  1. After login to webmail interface, select People on the top right corner.
    Select People
  2. To create a new Contact Group, click new contact on the top left corner.
    Select People
  3. Select create group in the dialog box.
    Create group
  4. In the Contact Group form, enter the Group name
    Enter Contact Group name
  5. In the Members field, enter the email address and select the contact to add the member.
    add email address
  6. To remove a member, click the Cross icon in the list.
    Remove member
  7. When you have added all the names, click Save.

B. How to send email message to a Contact Group?

  1. In a new message, click on the To field and then click the Plus icon icon.
    New message
  2. Under groups section, double click on the target Contact Group. The group will be added to the To field. 
    Remove member
  3. Click OK. The Contact Group is added to the To field of the new message.
    Send email
  4. Type your message content and click Send.

Notes: When you send email message to a Contact Group, the To: field on received message will show the individual addresses of all members of the Contact Group. If you want to hide the addresses, put the Contact Group in the Bcc field (Blind Carbon Copy). Bcc allows you to send an email without showing everyone the email address of the recipients. This way you are not inadvertently sharing a person’s email address with a group of people that they may not know.

The Bcc field can be shown in a new message by selectingMore> show Bcc.

Remove member