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Procedure to filter IronPort "Spam Quarantine Notification" messages into a folder in Central Email/Calendar Service (HKUCC1)

Important note: This guide show you the way to create filter rule in webmail interface (OWA) and Outlook. You should choose one place to work with your rules and always use the same one. When you edit rules in OWA, it will delete any rules that were previously turned off using Outlook.

  1. Webmail Interface (OWA)
  2. Outlook 2013

A. Webmail interface (OWA)

* Please use Internet Explorer to perform the setup.

Part 1. Create a folder called spam-notification.

  1. On the left pane, right click on your name and select create new folder.

create new folder

  1. Type folder name spam-notification

type folder name

  1. Select Settings settings on the top right corner.
  2. Choose Options.


  1. Go to Organize email, under inbox rules, choose New new.
  2. Select Move messages from someone to a folder.

move message from someone to a folder

  1. In New Inbox Rule window, type Spam Quarantine Notification in the Name field.

Name of the rule

  1. Under When the message arrives, and:, choose it includes these words in the subject.

it includes these words in the subject

  1. Type Spam Quarantine Notification in the field and click Add add. Click OK to continue.


  1. Choose spam-notification folder and click OK.

Move the message to folder

  1. Under Do the following, select Move the message to folder.

choose folder

  1. Click Save to save the rule.

click Save

B. Outlook 2013

  1. Open Outlook 2013.
  2. Right click your account name and choose New Folder….

new folder

  1. Type spam-notification for the folder name.
  2. Click Rules > Manage Rules & Alerts on the ribbon.

manage rules and alerts

  1. Select New Rule….

New rule..

  1. In the Rules Wizard, under Stay Organized section, select Move messages from someone to a folder. Click Next.

Move message from someone to a folder

  1. Under step 1, check two boxes from people or distribution list, with specific words in the subject.

under step 1

  1. Under step 2, click on the "from people and distribution list". Under Rule Address window, type email address in From field and click OK.

Rule address

  1. Click on the "and with specific words in the subject". In Search Text window, type Spam Quarantine Notification for the subject and then click Add. Click OK to finish.

search text

  1. Click on the "move it to the specified folder". In Rules and Alerts dialog window, select spam-notification folder and click OK to return to Rule Wizard dialog window.

select folder

Click Next to proceed.

click next

  1. Click Next.

What do you want to do with the message?

  1. Click Next.

Are there any exceptions

  1. Specify a name for this rule, type Spam Quarantine Notification.

Specify a name for this rule

  1. Click Finish to save the rule.