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User Guide on HKU Email/Calendar Service for Staff (HKUCC1) - Microsoft Exchange Server 2019

1. Introduction

The primary email service for staff is supported by a number of in-house systems running Microsoft Exchange (HKUCC1 or HKUCC-COM, Other than the basic email functions, additional enterprise messaging features including webmail access, personal/shared calendar, email distribution list, out-of-office auto-reply, mobile access, server-side inbox rule, Global Address List (GAL) and email archiving are also supported for use by staff members. Each account is provided with 15GB disk quota. Staff can access their emails via HKU Portal (under “MyEmail” tab),, Microsoft Outlook or other supported mail clients.

2. Setup Procedures Using Mail Clients

Please refer to the setup procedures at

3. Functions Available

3.1 Procedure to access webmail under MyEmail tab in HKU Portal

3.2 Check mailbox usage

3.3 Forward messages to another email account

3.4 Access or move messages to archive mailbox

3.5 Procedure to setup automatic replies (out of office assistant)

3.6 Filter IronPort "Spam Quarantine Notification" messages into a folder

3.7 Create an appointment in Calendar

3.8 Create a contact

3.9 Grant a delegate to manage your Calendar using MS Outlook

3.10 Add shared calendar

3.11 Recall a sent message in MS Outlook

3.12 Change display settings of the Reading Pane

4. Video Tutorial

Training session on Using the Central Email and Calendar System (HKUCC1) on Microsoft Exchange 2013