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Procedure to scan a computer with Software Asset Management System

Version: 1.0
Date: 17 September 2009

  1. Start PC and login with Windows account with administrator rights.
  2. Start Internet Explorer (IE).  Please note that other web browsers (e.g. Firefox) does not support the scanning function of the SAM system.
  3. Visit HKU Portal ( and login with your own HKU Portal UID and PIN.
  4. Click Campus Information Services > Central IT Services > Software Asset Management link.
  5. If this is the first time you access the system with your PC, follow the instructions on the first page to change the IE settings by downloading and running the auto configuration program. Then restart your IE. 

    Software Asset Management System Image

  6. Login the system again, fill in the all the mandatory fields which marked with a red “*”.
    • In the “Computer used by” field, enter the name of the computer user.
    • In the “Inventory/Serial Number” field, enter the PC inventory number (e.g. Fixed/Small Asset No. assigned by FEO) or PC serial number which could usually be found on PC label.
    • In the “Building & Room Number” field, enter the location of the computer including building name or building code and room number.
    • Then click on the “Scan” button.

      Fill in Mandatory Fields Image

  7. The scanning will be completed in one to two minutes.  Then it will show the result on screen with the number of unclassified items detected.

    Scanning Image

    Scanning Completed Successfully Image


  8. To review and enter information of the unclassified items, click the “Unclassified items” in the left hand side.
  9. If you have valid license of these software, either purchased by yourself, developed by yourself or software bundled with your personal devices (e.g. mobile phone), click on the "PL" button to add them to Personal License.
  10. If the software has a departmental license, select “departmental” in the pull down menu of the “Remarks” field.
  11. If you know that they should be "freeware" or "shareware", please select “Freeware” or “Shareware” respectively in the pull down menu and provide the related information in the “Remarks” field.
  12. Otherwise, you have to remove or uninstall those software and rescan your computer again.

    Remove or Uninstall Image