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Network Card Registration

For staff and students connecting to HKU local area network (LAN) on campus.

1. How to register your network card?

Before you connect to the HKU campus network using LAN cable, you need to register your network card.

1.1 Register network card via HKU Portal (for individual users)

  • Login the HKU Portal with UID and PIN.
  • Go to Campus Information Services > Central IT Services > Register Network Cards
  • The update would take 10 minutes to be effective. Each HKU member can register up to 5 network cards.

1.2 Register network card (for departments)

The technical support staff or authorized representative of a department can register network cards via HKU Portal. Login to HKU Portal > Type "NICs" in the Search field and click the link "View NICs Registered by Department". Then choose "Register Network Card".

register network card

2. What is a Network Card Address?

When you register your network card under HKU Portal, you are required to enter your Network Card address (also known as Ethernet address or MAC (Media Access Control) address).  A Network Card address is a 12-character string assigned by the network card manufacturer and is a unique hardware address.  Each character is a hexadecimal number from 0-9 and A-F.  Sometimes the characters of a Network Card address are written with colons or hyphens as separators for ease of reading.  These separators are not part of the Network Card address. For example, 00:E0:00:85:08:3A and 00-E0-00-85-08-3A both mean 00E00085083A.

3. How to find out the Ethernet address of my network card?

Please follow the steps at to find out the Ethernet address of your network card.