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Basics of using VeraCrypt in platform Windows OS

VeraCrypt is a free open source disk encryption software for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. 

The Main feature is to create a virtual encrypted disk and mount that as a real disk.

A. Creating and Mounting a Disk

  1. Start VeraCrypt.
  2. Click Create Volume.
    create volume

  3. The Creation Wizard is created, then select the first one and click “Next”.
    Creation Wizard
  4. Choose the Standard VeraCrypt Volume.
  5. Click Select File, select the location where you would like to save the file, and name it. Please save your file under Personal Home (drive H).
    volume location
  6. Select the Encryption format, it you don’t know the methods, you can use the default setting.
  7. Type in the size of the disk, and create the volume password.
  8. Move your mouse randomly, until the bar is green, and then press format.
    After that, the wizard will show “The VeraCrypt volume has been successfully created”, press “OK”, and then exit the wizard.
    volume format
    volume created
  9. Then, choose a drive you wish to mount, and click select file.
    select file
  10. Choose the file you have just created. Then click “Mount”, and type in the password. Once you have mounted the new volume, the drive you have selected will have some mounting information.

  11. You can now put the files there.
    new volume

B. Dismounting a Disk

  1. To Dismount a disk, select the target you want to dismount and click dismount. The drive will be dismounted, but the file is still over there.
    If you log out the VPC, the disk will be automatically unmount, please be aware that the file you have created is inside your “Personal Home” drive.

    If the VPC’s session ends, you need to repeat the steps to mount the disk again.