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User guide on Self-help Reporting System for IT Services

1. Introduction

2. How to use the Self-Help Report System

a. Make Enquiry or Report Problem
b. Provide Feedback
c. Check Open Requests Status

1. Introduction

This is a self-help reporting system through which University staff and students can make an enquiry on using the central IT services being supported by us. Staff and students can login the system with HKU Portal UID/PIN to record their enquiry and provide feedback.  

The system can be found under HKU Portal (Campus Information Services > Central IT Services > ITS, HCMS and SIS Help) or visit

2. How to use the Self-Help Report System

a. Make Enquiry/Report Problem

1. After login, you will see the following page.  Click "Create Incident" as shown below to make an enquiry or report a problem to us.

self-help system - page 1

2. Please input the urgency and detail information about your enquiry, then click "Submit".

self-help system - page 2


3. You will see the following incident detail after submitting your enquiry.

Incident summary

4. Enquiries will be attended to within the same working day. Those received outside office hours and on Saturday/Sunday/holidays will be attended to on the next working day.


b. Provide Feedback

1. When a reported enquiry/problem is resolved, you will receive an email inviting you to fill in a survey.  Or you can fill in the survey through the self-help reporting system by the following steps.

2. Under the system, click "My Assessments & Surveys", then select the appropriate survey to fill in and click "Take Survey".

self-help system - page 1 on feedback

3. You will see 6 questions in the survey.  Answer by giving a rate and/or comment to each question.  Then click "Submit"



c. Check Open Requests Status

You can check the status of your requests reported through the self-help reporting system. 

1. Click "Incidents".

check request status

2. Select the incident number of the case that you want to view.

check request - p1

3. You can see the details of your request logged.  You can find the update from service desk supprot under "Activity", you can also put your reply under "Additional comments".

update and comment