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Procedure to setup uPrint for Android Devices

A. Supported platforms

B. Supported file formats

C. Installation Procedures

D. How to print file from Android device to uPrint?

A. Supported platforms

Android devices including mobile phone or tablet.

* Connect to "HKU" for using uPrint ("Wi-Fi.HK via HKU" or "eduroam" does NOT support uPrint.) 


B. Supported file formats

  1. Adobe Portable Document format (.pdf)
  2. Microsoft office documents ( .doc,.docx,.ppt,  .pptx, ,.xls, .xlsx)
  3. Image format of JPEG, PNG (.jpg, .png)

* Printing of email or webpage is NOT supported. A workaround is to use “screen capture” function or save the document or image to internal memory. 


C. Installation Procedures

Notes : The screenshots are captured on Android tablet  version 4.4.2.


  1. Enable WiFi connection of your Android device and connect to "HKU".
  1. Go to “Play Store” and search for “FXHK AMDP”.  Tab “FXHK AMDP”. Then tab “Install”.

Search for "FXHK AMDP"

  1. When installation is completed, click “AMDP” icon to setup uPrint for your Android device (to be done once only).

Click "AMDP" icon

  1. Click “...“ on the bottom right corner.


  1. Tab “Preference”.

Tab "Perference"

  1. In “AMDP Server” field, type “” and click “Connect” button.

AMDP Server

  1. Input your HKU Portal UID (login field) and PIN (password field), and click the “Sync Now” button to complete.

Input UID and PIN

  1. A dialogue box “Login Success” will pop up upon successfully configuration.

Login Success

D. How to print file from Android device to uPrint?

  1. Check to make sure your Android device is connected to "HKU".
  1. Open the “AMDP” app.

Open "AMDP" app

  1. Select a file, and then choose “Print”.

Choose Print

  1. Select “Print Server” from the pop-up list.

Select Print Server

  1. Under the print option page, you can make print queue selection if you wish (e.g. black-white or color), and other printing attributes (e.g. single side or double side printing).  After selection, click the “Print” button to submit your print job.

Select Print Option

  1. For color printing, please make sure you turn on the "Color Printing" button. Otherwise, the document will be printed in black and white. 

Color printing

  1. Depending on the document size and Wi-Fi connection speed, it may take some time to process the print job.  A dialogue box “Success” will be shown when the job is submitted successfully.  


  1. The AMDP app allows printing from internal memory only. Files stored on external memory card are not able to print using AMDP app.