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Procedure to setup uPrint for Mac OS X 10.5 to 10.12

1. Prerequisites

2. Installation procedure for uPrint printer driver on Mac

3. Submit print job from Mac

1. Prerequisites

  • Holding administrator account for application and print queue installation.
  • Connect "HKU" before printing.

Note: "Wi-Fi.HK via HKU" or "eduroam" does NOT support uPrint service.

2. Installation procedure for uPrint printer driver on Mac

  1. Download the package, please click here.
  1. Please follow the steps below to change the “Gatekeeper” settings to allow application downloaded from places other than the Mac App Store. 

How to change Gatekeeper setting

  • Go to “System Preferences…”
  • Open “Security & Privacy”
  • Click on “General” tab
  • Then check “Anywhere” under “Allow applications downloaded from” section

Change gatekeeper setting

  1. Open the downloaded file “uPrint_MacInstaller.dmg”  from task bar.

Open the downloaded file

  1. Click “uPrint MacInstaller” on desktop.

Click uPrint Mac Installer on desktop

  1. Click the "uPrint_MacInstaller.pkg" package.

Click the uPrint Mac Installer

  1. Open the downloaded package, follow the on-screen instruction to install the printer driver. Under the “Introduction” section, click “Continue.

Install printer driver

  1. Keep the default destination, click "Continue".

Destination Select

  1. Click “Install” button to proceed.

Click install button

  1. A security dialog will then be prompted to ask for “Your Administrator Account” credentials as shown below, enter the username and password of your Mac, and click “Install Software” button.

Administrator Account credentials

  1. The installation will then begin.

Installation begin

  1. Click “Close” button when completed.

Click close button

  1. Go to System Preferences, click “Print & Scan”.

Go to system preferences, click print and scan.

  1.  Select the Print queue named “uPrint_BW_PS” (for black and white printing).

Selet print queue

  1. Depends on the OS X version, the system may prompt for additional installation.  Please click “Install” button to proceed.

Click install button

  1. Repeat step m - n for another print queue “uPrint_Color_PS” (for color printing).


3. Submit print job from Mac

  1. Please make sure your Mac is connected to HKU campus network ("HKU"). The uPrint for Mac is NOT support via other WiFi connection, such as “eduroam” or Wi-Fi.HK via HKU.
  2. After submitting your print job to the uPrint printer, the system will prompt for authentication. Please enter your HKU Portal UID (preceded with “hkupc2\”) and PIN, and click “OK” to proceed.

Authentication for uPrint

  1. After successful authentication, the print job is submitted to the uPrint server. Please collect your print job from the nearby uPrint black & white or color printer.