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Procedure to setup uPrint in Windows 7 and Windows 8

1. Prerequisites

2. Installation Procedure for uPrint Printer Driver on Windows 7 and 8

3. Submit Print Job Using uPrint

1. Prerequisites

  1. PC or notebook running Windows 7 or 8.
  2. Holding administrator account for application and print queue installation.
  3. Connect "HKU" before printing.

    Note: "Wi-Fi.HK via HKU" or "eduroam" does NOT support uPrint service.

  1. Download the "uPrintLogin.exe" from it to Desktop or your preferred file directory.
  2. Double click the icon “uPrintLogin.exe”. If the screen shows the following security warning, uncheck "Always ask before opening this file". Click "Run" button.

  3. In the field "Username", enter your HKU Portal UID in the format of "". Then enter your HKU Portal PIN in the "Password" field. You can tick the option "Remember my credentials" if you would like to save your UID/PIN in your PC. By doing so, you will not be prompted to enter your UID/PIN for using the uPrint service from the same PC in future. However, you are advised to do this only if it is your own PC. In case if your change HKU Portal UID/ PIN, you will have to reset your credential again for continuing using the uPrint service.

  4. After successful authentication, a folder with uPrint readme will be shown. Then you can close the window.

    Add Printers for using uPrint

  5. In Windows, click "Windows Start" => "Devices and Printers".
  6. Click the option "Add Printer".
  7. Select the option  "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer ". Click "Next".

  8. Click "The printer that I want isn't listed"

  9. Click the option "Select a shared printer by name". For using the printers in the Chi Wah Learning Commons, please type
    1. \\\uPrint BW PCL (for black/white printing using PCL driver)
    2. \\\uPrint BW PS (for black/white printing using PS driver)
    3. \\\uPrint Color PCL (for color printing using PCL driver)
    4. \\\uPrint Color PS (for color printing using PS driver)


  10. If you are prompted to download and install the printer driver, click "Install driver".

  11. Then click "Next" if you see the following screen.

  12. Click "Finish" to close the Add Printer Wizard.

  13. Wait a while and the uPrint printers will be added under the "Printers" folder.

    Note: You required to do steps e - l for adding EACH uPrint printer in your PC.

3. Submit Print Job Using uPrint

  1. Click "uPrintLogin.exe" (or "uPrintLogin" if your PC is suggested not to show file). You can then use the uPrint service without further login if you choose to save your credentials in your PC (Refer to step c above).
    NOTE: Please refer to HERE to remove the saved credentials after you change your HKU Portal UID/PIN
  2. If you are not saving your credentials, click "uPrintLogin.exe" (saved at your Desktop or preferred file directory) when you wish to use the uPrint service. Type and your HKU portal PIN to login. Then click "OK". You can use the uPrint service after successful authentication.