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Frequently Asked Questions - Office 365 ProPlus for Staff

  1. How can I download Office 365?
  2. Who is eligible to download and install Office 365?
  3. How to login Microsoft’s Portal to download Office 365 products?
  4. How can I change my password for Microsoft’s Portal?
  5. What are the system requirements for installing Office 365?
  6. What is the disk quota for my OneDrive for Business account?
  7. Can I install OneDrive for Business on my MacBook?
  8. What is the maximum size for uploading a document to OneDrive?
  9. I see the message “Couldn’t verify subscription” on my Macbook. What should I do?
  10. I see an error 0xd000100d and can’t use Microsoft O365. What should I do?
  11. I get an error when I install or activate Office. How do I fix this?
  12. I am going to leave or retire from the University. How I can save my documents under my HKU Microsoft OneDrive for Business account to my PC?
  13. Troubleshoot installing Office with Office 365 for business
  14. How to remove older versions of Office in Windows?
  15. How to deactivate an Office 365 installation?
  16. Incompatibility between Locally Installed Products and Office 365 ProPlus.
  17. How to check the disk quota of my OneDrive for Business account?
  18. Will the installation of Office 2016 under Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus automatically uninstall the previous version?
  19. How to change the time zone for my OneDrive for Business Account?
  20. Can I share folders/files in my OneDrive for Business to students?
  21. How to uninstall Office for Mac completely?
  22. How to troubleshoot the malfunction of Trusted Platform Module with error code 80090016 when logon O365 application? (Teams, Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  23. I was an HKU staff member and forgot to back up my files stored under the HKU OneDrive account. Is there a way to get back my files?
  24. Limitation of Download files and folders from OneDrive or SharePoint Online