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Frequently Asked Questions - Information Rights Management

  1. Will my personal data be sent to cloud?
  2. How to sign-in MS Office applications for using IRM?
  3. A PDF file is attached in a protected email, is it also protected by IRM?
  4. Can I protect Word/Excel/PowerPoint/PDF file using my mobile devices?
  5. Which file extensions can I open with RMS Sharing app?
  6. I use "Share Protected" to send an office file by RMS Sharing App in windows, but I find the message generated 2 attachments, why?
  7. What is the difference between "Share Protected" and "Protect in-place"?
  8. Can I stop receiving the email from "" when I setup file protection?
  9. Can I setup file protection with RMS to multiple files at one time?
  10. What is the permission level of "Do Not Forward", "HKU-wide Access" and "HKU-wide Access - View Only" ?
  11. What attachment types are supported by IRM with permission automatically applied to attachments when I send an IRM protected email, e.g., with "Do Not Forward"?
  12. If I send an email with "Do Not Forward" protection and attach files with protection with RMS Sharing Application using “Protect In-place”, which access control will be applied to the attachments?
  13. Can I put the email alias or group email address when I setup protection with RMS Sharing App?
  14. Pop up message is prompted when I open a protected file in Mac with RMS Sharing App.
  15. I can only find an option “Generic Protection” when I setup file protection with RMS Sharing App.
  16. Can I setup multiple permission level for different user in RMS Sharing App?
  17. I received a protected message/file but cannot open it in Outlook/Office application with prompt to change credential.
  18. What are the prerequisites of using IRM?
  19. What are the IRM-aware documents and the significance of IRM-awareness (with protection inherited from Outlook/OWA)?
  20. Why I cannot open protected office document via office applications?
  21. Can I use webmail on mobile platform to read/create protected mail?
  22. I was prompted that I do not have credentials to open an email message. What can I do?
  23. How to set expiry date on documents protected by RMS sharing application?
  24. How to collect the AIP Sharing Application log for investigate the problem on IRM?
  25. How to enable notification email when a protected file is opened by others or user is denied?
  26. I can't access documents protected by IRM.
  27. Permission is granted to recipient to edit document but the can't use track changes in Microsoft Word
  28. I open the protected document and see the error message "network location cannot be reached"
  29. I am unable to open a protected PDF document.
  30. I cannot upload a file protected by Azure Information Protection (AIP) client to Departmental Data Asset Storage (DDAS). Why?