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What are the IRM-aware documents and the significance of IRM-awareness (with protection inherited from Outlook/OWA)?

The following file types can be protected by RMS Sharing App with native protection (can control view-only, edit, copy & print permissions):

  • Office documents including Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx) and PowerPoint (.pptx)
  • PDF file (.pdf)
  • Text file (.txt)
  • Image file (.jpg /.tif/.png/.gif)

For other types of files, they can still be protected by RMS Sharing App with generic protection (can only control who can open it but cannot control view-only, edit, copy & print permissions)

If you protect an email message using IRM in Outlook/webmail, only the attached Office documents (.docx/.xlsx/.pptx) will inherit the same permission level as that assigned on the protected email.  For example, if the permission level set on the email is “Do not Forward”,  the attached Office document will inherit the Reviewer rights for the recipients.  For all other attachment types, the recipient will have full permission on the file once the message is opened.