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Help! I cannot send email.

If you receive the error message: 'The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server. Server Response: '(the address)... Relaying Denied'...

Your SMTP server is not configured correctly. If you are using the HKU network, your outgoing SMTP server name should be This is independent of which incoming mail server that you are using.If you are outside HKU network, you can use as the outgoing SMTP server (refer to FAQ for details). You can also use the outgoing SMTP server provided by your network provider, e.g. "".

In Outlook, click menu Tools => Email Accounts > View or change existing email accounts > click Change.

There are many reasons why the email you sent is undelivered:

- the email address is wrong.
- the recipient's server is down.
- the recipient's disk quota is exceeded.
- the recipient's account status has been inactivated.

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