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Frequently Asked Questions - Central Email/Calendar Service for Staff (HKUCC1) - Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

  1. How to disable pop-up blocker when accessing webmail under MyEmail tab in HKU Portal?
  2. How to access the Central Email/Calendar Service (HKUCC1)?
  3. How can I setup email alias for my email account?
  4. How to Change Sender Name/Email Address and Add Profile Photo?
  5. How to check Staff Email (HKUCC1) mailbox usage?
  6. Why Microsoft Outlook fails to connect my mailbox after migrated to Exchange 2013?
  7. How to fetch my HKU email into my Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo account?
  8. How can I forward Staff Email (HKUCC1) messages to another email account in webmail interface?
  9. How to setup Automatic replies (Out of office assistant) in Central Email/Calendar Service (HKUCC1)?
  10. How to filter IronPort "Spam Quarantine Notification" messages into a folder in Central Email/Calendar Service (HKUCC1)?
  11. How to filter emails from a sender as junk email automatically in webmail interface (OWA)?
  12. How to create an Appointment to Calendar in Central Email/Calendar Service (HKUCC1)?
  13. How to create a Contact in Central Email/Calendar Service (HKUCC1)?
  14. How can I set up Contact Group in webmail interface (OWA)?
  15. How to save Central Email/Calendar Service (HKUCC1) Emails into "Personal Folder" of Outlook?
  16. How to access or move Staff Email (HKUCC1) messages to archive mailbox?
  17. Why calendar meeting requests become garbled and cannot be read?
  18. How to grant a delegate to manage your Calendar using MS Outlook?
  19. How to add shared calendar in Central Email/Calendar Service (HKUCC1)?
  20. Why my calendar events embedded in a meeting request in MS Outlook?
  21. How to Look up Staff Contact Information Using Microsoft Outlook, iOS and Android Devices?
  22. How to delete the unwanted or invalid suggested contacts when composing a new message in MS Outlook?
  23. How can I recall a sent message in MS Outlook 2013?
  24. How to recover a deleted item which is already deleted from "Deleted Items" folder?
  25. How to migrate email/calendar/contact from one Exchange server to Central Email/Calendar Service (HKUCC1) server?
  26. What is the limit on the number of recipients?
  27. How can I use Blackberry 10 device to access Central Email/Calendar Service (HKUCC1)?
  28. How to access Staff Email(HKUCC1) via Android 4.1.x device?
  29. My Outlook for Mac 2011 cannot connect to HKUCC1 mail server to send or receive emails. What should I do?
  30. My Macintosh's mail app does not send or receive emails, what should I do?
  31. I receive alert message telling me my disk quota usage is almost reaching its limit. What should I do?
  32. Change in the Login Page for HKUCC1 (for access via after 5 pm on April 4, 2015)
  33. How to find archived emails?
  34. How to import contacts from a spreadsheet?
  35. How to add a sender to your contacts?
  36. How to enable spell check function in webmail interface (OWA)?
  37. How to sign out in webmail interface (OWA)?
  38. How to recover emails/items deleted from “Deleted items” folder?
  39. How to print an email message?
  40. How to remove suggested email addresses?
  41. How to sort emails by message size or date?
  42. How to turn off conversation threading?
  43. How to delete multiple emails at once?
  44. How to reveal the Bcc field?
  45. How to setup to display a notification when a new email message arrives?
  46. Procedures on Copy/Move Downloaded Emails to HKUCC1 for Thunderbird users
  47. I received the alert “critical error” when accessing “Options” under MyEmail tab in HKU Portal. What should I do?
  48. How to check the version of Microsoft Outlook that I am using?