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How to recover a deleted item which is already deleted from "Deleted Items" folder?

Note: You are allowed to recover an item within 7 days after it is deleted from Deleted Items folder.

  1. Webmail Interface (OWA)
  2. Outlook 2013

A. Webmail Interface (OWA)

  1. Right click Deleted Items folder and choose Recover deleted items….

    Recover deleted items

  2. In the pop up window, select the item that you want to restore, and then select Recover.

    recover deleted items

  3. Click OK to restore the item to its original folder.

    Confirm to recover

B. Outlook 2013

  1. Click Deleted Items folder.

    deleted itme

  2. Select Folder and choose Recover deleted items….

    recover deleted itme

  3. Choose the items you want to recover, check Restore Selected Items and click Ok.

    restore  select