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I open the app but cannot check in a registered event. What should I do?

If you have waited for 5 minutes and still cannot check in an event, please

  1. Double check if
    • your enrolment in a lecture/tutorial has been approved
    • you have registered for the event, or that event does not require prior registration
    • you are at the event’s venue
    • the event has started or is commencing in 10 minutes
    • your mobile device is having an Internet connection
    • the Bluetooth on your mobile is turned on (for those using iOS 11 or above, please make sure Bluetooth is enabled under 'Settings' > 'Bluetooth' or the Bluetooth icon is blue in color in the 'Control Center')
    • you have enabled Location access
    • you have granted Location access to the app
  2. Under the 'Current' tab, pull down to refresh the app
  3. Close the app and re-open it again
  4. Go to another seat to retry as there may be some “blind spots” in the venue that may be weak in network coverage


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