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Frequently Asked Questions - HKU Event Management System (HKUEMS)

  1. Which browser does HKUEMS support?
  2. How can I check events on HKUEMS?
  3. For Event Manager: How to post events for my department or student society?
  4. For Event Manager: After posting an event on HKUEMS, where and when will my event be displayed?
  5. Does HKUEMS support non-English contents?
  6. What would happen if HKU staff/students register into my events using the guest URLs which do not require login?
  7. How can I cancel registration for guests?
  8. How can a department uses the JETCO payment gateway for accepting online credit card payment for the department's e-service?
  9. Can I use the HKUEMS for events that are held outside campus?
  10. It is understood that data on public events and Continuing Professional Development Short Course will be extracted from the EMS for reporting to the UGC. What are the definitions of “public event” and “Continuing Professional Development Short Course”?
  11. Why is it necessary to input “Actual Teacher-Student Contact Hours for EACH Student in the Whole Course” for “Continuing Professional Development Short Course” only but not for other event types?
  12. The HKUEMS only allows up to 2 selections for “Primary Target Audience”, but what if I have more than 2 groups of target audience for an event?
  13. How to complete the field on “Expected Number of Attendees for All Sessions in the Event” if I have no idea at all?
  14. Which of the staff grades should be included under the data field “Expected Total Man-hours of HKU Academic Staff Involved in the Event” in the “Event Information” page?
  15. For the field on “Expected Total Man-hours of HKU Academic Staff involved in the event”, should man-hours involved in the preparation of the event be counted?
  16. Why is it necessary to input total income, total expenditure and actual number of attendees after an event?
  17. In case where an academic staff member accepts an invitation from an external organization to give a talk but does not let the departmental office know, how can we report such information to the University using the HKUEMS?
  18. I filled in the event details in HKUEMS but the system does not respond when I click "Next" button.
  19. How to get JETCO Payment Gateway APIs for development?
  20. What are the web browsers support by JETCO Payment Gateway?
  21. What is the maximum number of programme within each session allowed for single session event?
  22. What is the maximum number of session allowed for multiple sessions event?
  23. Could we customize the content of the registration acknowledgement email generated by HKUEMS?