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How can I check the license key of PDF-XChange Editor?

  • To check the license key, open PDF-XChange Editor, and then go to “Help” > “License Key”
    Enter License Key...
  • The “Registration Info” will show the status of installed license key.

    For license key with maintenance days left:

    License Key with maintenance days left

    For license key which maintenance period is expired:

    License Key which maintenance period is expired

Note: You are NOT required to install a new license key if you are fine with the current version of PDF-Xchange that you are using.

A new license key that runs until 12 March 2020 is now available for download. If you wish to get the latest major release and your current license key is expired, please follow the procedures below to install the new key.

  • Please go to the download page, and then click and execute the PDF-XChange License Key file.
  • The new license key will be installed:
    License Key which maintenance period is expired
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