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How to check the balance of your printing units?

  1. At the uPrint printers
  2. At the communal PCs
  3. uPrint enquiry system
  4. HKU uPrint app

1. At the uPrint printers

  1. Tab your staff/student card at the uPrint printers.
  2. Tab the icon Quota
    Print Quota
  3. Your current balance of printing units will be shown.

2. At the commual PCs

  1. At the communal PCs such as those in the Chi Wah Learning Commons or KB-110, click the icon Print Utilities on the desktop of the PCs. Then click the link Check Print Quota and History.

3. uPrint enquiry system

  1. Go to (this page is only accessible within HKU campus network).
  2. Login with your HKU Portal ID and PIN.
    Login uprint
  1. The balance of printing units under your HKU Portal account is shown at the top-left hand corner.
    show quota

4. HKU uPrint app

  1. Login to HKU uPrint app and press the menu icon at top-right hand corner.
    uPrint App Menu
  2. Under the menu, select Printing Units Balance.
    Printing Units Balance
  3. The current printing units balance will be shown.
    Printing Units Balance
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