Can I Change My Account Name (UID)? How to Change it?

Students can change the pre-assigned HKU Portal UID (and the corresponding email address within 7 days after online Master Registration) via HKU Portal (login HKU Portal > Type “UID” in the Search field > Click the link “Change HKU Portal UID”).

Staff members can choose their HKU Portal UID during account application.

Subsequent change of HKU Portal UID has to be made via email to together with your staff/student card copy.  In the email, please state the reason for change, your current Portal UID and 3 choices of new Portal UID.  We shall select the one not yet occupied for you.  A fee of HK$200 will be charged to recover part of the administrative overhead in updating all related accounts and records.   We shall show you the way for online payment after receiving your request.

For staff

  1. After change of HKU Portal UID, staff may check or update their preferred email address recorded under the Personal & Family Data Form (under HKU Portal > Self Service > Human Resources > Personal & Family Data Form).  

    For “Personal & Family Data Form”, 2FA is required when 

    i) access is made outside HKU campus network (see Procedures on accessing HKU Portal with and without 2FA protection for the access procedures); and
    ii) viewing or editing of some important personal information in the Form is necessary, regardless this is done within or outside campus network (see document 1 and document 2 for the steps).

    2FA is automatically registered after the application for HKU Portal account is submitted.  For those who need not submit an application for HKU Portal account, please register for 2FA

  2. For approver of HCM (Human Capital Management) applications (e.g. leave approval, departmental claim approval, etc.), they are requested to complete all pending applications before the new UID becomes effective. They may not be able to process/approve these pending applications after the UID is changed which can only be done after the requests are resubmitted.

  3. If staff are administering authorities such as Dean or Principle Investigator (PI), their delegation assigned may be revoked by the system after change of UID.

    In case delegates report that they are unable to perform a delegated task, staff are advised to check the delegation assigned (under HKU Portal > Manager Self Service > IT Services > HCM Assign Delegation (HoD/PI)) and reassign the delegation if the setting has been revoked.

For graduates

Graduates cannot change their account names.  They can consider setting up an email alias instead (an email alias is an alternative name for receiving emails which can be easier to remember) e.g. “” or ““.



Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts