User Guide on Installation of 2FA Mobile App (FortiToken) for Staff


The 2-Factor Authentication (“2FA”) is a security measure for strengthening the information security protection of the authentication process in using the central IT services.  On top of HKU Portal UID/PIN, a one-time token code is required for accessing the following services that require 2FA:

Staff can choose to receive the one-time token code through

  • A designated email address; OR
  • 2FA Mobile App (FortiToken) (not applicable to visiting and hourly-paid staff)


Go to here and complete the registration form.

(Note: Staff will be required to input their HKID card no./passport no. for identity verification during 2FA registration or update.  After registration, staff will receive a SMS to inform them the registration completion.)

Installation Procedure for 2FA Mobile App (FortiToken)

Please follow the procedure below to install the 2FA Mobile App (FortiToken) for receiving the one-time token code on ONE mobile device-

Procedure for Reset of 2FA Mobile App (FortiToken)

For staff who chooses to use 2FA Mobile App (FortiToken) to receive the one-time token code, please go through the following reset procedure if 

  • the mobile device for receiving the token is changed or lost
  • the 4-digit PIN of the 2FA Mobile App is forgotten

1. Please complete the online form “Reset 2FA App” here.

    (Note: This function requires 2FA to access outside HKU campus network.  If 2FA is not available, please arrange the reset within HKU campus network.)  

2. If the 4-digit PIN is forgotten, please remove the 2FA Mobile App (FortiToken) on the installed device before reinstallation.

3. Follow the installation procedure in the above section to reinstall the 2FA Mobile App (FortiToken). 

Procedure for Removal of 2FA Registration

1.  Please complete the online form “Remove 2FA Registration” via removal form.

2.  Please note that after 2FA registration is removed, you will not be able to use

  • HKUVPN (HKU Virtual Private Network)
  • Some applications under HKU Portal if access is made outside campus network (applicable to staff only) 
  • Online reset of HKU Portal PIN

** You are advised to keep your alternate email address and mobile phone number registered with ITS for the purposes of identity authentication, service event notification and communication with you.**