Procedure on Purchase of Printing Units Using Apple Pay

**If you have not yet set up your mobile devices for using Apple Pay, you can refer to the setup procedures.**

  • Apple Pay is only compatible with devices listed at support page.
  • uPrint App supports Visa and Master card ONLY.

  • Procedure
    1. After login to HKU uPrint app, select the no. of printing units to purchase.
    2. uprint_apple_01 uprint_apple_02
    3. Tap the Buy button.
    4. uprint_apple_03
    5. Review the printing units to purchase and press the Apply Pay button.
    6. uprint_apple_05
    7. Press the Pay with Passcode button or use Touch ID or Face ID to pay.
    8. uprint_apple_04 uprint_apple_06
    9. If you press Cancel during the payment process, an alert on “Incomplete Transaction” will be shown and the transaction will be cancelled.
    10. uprint_apple_07 uprint_apple_08
    11. After successful payment, a confirmation page indicating the no. of printing units added and the current balance will be shown.
    12. uprint_apple_09


    Multi-Factor Authentication

    February 2024
    February 2024

    Mandatory for all staff accounts

    May 2024
    May 2024

    Mandatory for all student accounts