1. Prerequisite

  1. 2-factor authentication (2FA) is required for accessing the HKUVPN service.
  2. Please uninstall any earlier version of Cisco Any Connect VPN client before you start the following installation.
  3. AnyConnect ICS+ (VPN client) is compatible with Android devices running Android 4.0 or above.

2. Configuration Procedures (to be done once only)

  1. Go to Play Store.
  2. 2FA_android_01
  3. In the search box, type “anyconnect” and tap Install.
  4. 2FA_Android_02
  5. After installation, tap Open to launch the application.
  6. 2FA_Android_03
  7. When you open the application for the first time, you will be prompted to read the license agreement. Tap OK to accept.
  8. 2FA_Android_04
  9. Tap Connection to add a VPN profile.
  10. 2FA_Android_05
  11. Tap Add New Connection….
  12. 2FA_Android_06
  13. Under Connection Editor
  14. Tap Description.
  15. 2FA-Android_07
  16. Type “VPN2FA” in the Description field and tap OK.
  17. 2FA_Android_08
  18. Tap Server Address.
  19. 2FA_Android_09
  20. Type “vpn2fa.hku.hk” in the Server Address field and tap OK.
  21. 2FA_Android_09
  22. Tap Done to complete the setup.
  23. 2FA_Android_10

3. Connection Procedures

  1. Tap AnyConnect on your device to open the VPN client.
  2. 2FA_Android_11
  3. Tap AnyConnect VPN to start the connection.
  4. 2FA_Adnroid_12
  5. Enter your HKU Portal UID and PIN in the Username and Password fields respectively and tap Connect.
  6. 2FA_Android_13
  7. (i) Applicable to staff/students who choose EMAIL TOKENYou will receive an email containing the 6-digit email token sent to your registered alternate email address. The token is valid for 5 minutes after its sent out time.
  8. 2FA_Android_14

    (ii) Applicable to staff who choose APP TOKENPlease open the 2FA Mobile App (FortiToken app) on your mobile device. The token is valid for 1 minute after it is retrieved.

    (Note: Please refer to installation guide for the installation of 2FA Mobile App.)

    To retrieve the app token-
    • Open FortiToken Mobile.
    • Enter your 4-digit PIN to unlock the app.
    • App token will be retrieved.
  9. Enter the 6-digit One Time Password in the Answer box and click Continue.
  10. 2FA_Android_16
  11. Tap OK to accept the Connection Request.
  12. 2FA_Android_16
  13. You are now connected to HKUVPN.
  14. 2FA_Android_17
  15. To disconnect from HKUVPN server, tap AnyConnect VPN.
  16. You are now disconnected from HKUVPN.
  17. 2FA_Android_18

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