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The eNotices System provides a consolidated channel to disseminate information to all staff/students. Notices are classified into three types, Urgent Notices, Administrative and Services Notices and General Notices and are placed in a centralized location – Notices for Staff/Students in the My Page tab of HKU Portal. In addition, Urgent Notices can be sent to staff and students via SMS, bulk email and/or to all smart phone user installed HKU App via HKU App notification in a timely manner. Staff and students can easily search the notices through the searching functions provided by the system.

Approver Services provide functions for approvers to approve/reject and manage notices.

  • Search notices;
  • View notices;
  • Approve notices;
  • Reject notices;
  • Hide notices;
  • Repost hidden notices.

This user guide aims at providing a procedure step by step for approvers to approve/reject and manage notices in eNotices System.

Type of notices

There are 3 types of notices –

TypesDescriptionSubmittersDissemination channels
Urgent NoticeImportant notices that should be disseminated urgently
  • President’s Office
  • Registrar
  • CPAO sending on behalf ofabove
  • MyPage of HKU Portal
  • SMS
  • Bulk email
  • HKU App
Administrative and Services NoticeGeneral notices from administrative offices and service operation notices from service departments
  • Faculty Offices
  • Administrative & service departments
  • MyPage of HKU Portal
General NoticeGeneral notices from all departments
  • All departments
  • MyPage of HKU Portal


Notice type

Urgent Notice

Administrative and Services Notice

General Notice

urgent Notice

admin notice

general notice

Notice status



Large Icon




Pending for approval

Pending for approval small icon

Pending for approval large icon


Approved small icon

Approved large icon


Rejected small icon

Rejected large icon

Being posted

being posted small icon

Being posted large icon

After posted

after posted small icon

After posted large icon


hidden small icon

hidden large icon

Notice category



icon 1

Admission Talk / Career Talk / Information Session / Open Day

icon 2

Ceremony / Press Conference / Media Event

icon 3

Continuing Professional Development Short Course

icon 4


icon 5


icon 6

Performance Arts (music, dance, drama etc.)

icon 7

Public Lecture / Forum / Seminar / Workshop / Conference / Symposium

How to do?

Case 1: Access Approver Services

  1. Login HKU Portal (


  2. Go to “Campus Information Service” > “Central IT Services” > “eNotices (Approver Services)”.
  3. Approver Services will be shown in a new window.


Case 2: View the online help

  1. Click the “?“ link at the top right hand corner.
  2. Help popup will be shown in the page.
  3. approver_case2_2

Case 3: Log out

  1. Click the “Log Out” link at the top right hand corner.
  2. approver_case3_1

  3. You have logged out of eNotices System.
  4. approver_case3_1

Case 4: Search notices

  1. Press on “Search Notices” button.
  2. approver_case4_1
  3. Enter the search criteria in the fields provided.
  4. Click “Search” button
  5. approver_case4_2
  6. Search result will be shown
  7. approver_case4_4

Case 5: Show Submitters and Approvers

  1. Press on “Show Submitters and Approvers” button.
  2. approver_case5_1
  3. Lists of submitters and approvers will be shown.
  4. approver_case5_2

Case 6: Approve / Reject notice

  1. Click on the title of the notice which is pending for approval.
  2. approver_case6_1
  3. Press on “Approve” button to approve the notice / “Reject” button to reject the notice.
  4. approver_case6_2
  5. Press “CONFIRM” button in the popup to confirm the approval / rejection of the notice.
  6. approver_case6_3

Case 7: View notice

  1. Click on the title of the notice to view the notice details.
  2. approver_case7_1

Case 8: Hide notice

  1. Click on the title of the notice which has been approved / being posted / removed from being posted.
  2. approver_case8_1
  3. Press the “Hide” button.
  4. approver_case8_2
  5. Press “CONFIRM” button in popup to confirm hiding the notice.
  6. approver_case8_3
  7. The notice has been hidden.
  8. approver_case8_4

Case 9: Repost notice

  1. Click on the title of the notice which has been hidden.
  2. approver_case9_1
  3. Press the “Repost” button to repost the notice.
  4. approver_case9_2
  5. Press “CONFIRM” button in popup to confirm reposting the notice.
  6. approver_case9_3
  7. The notice has been reposted.
  8. approver_case9_4

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