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The eNotices System provides a consolidated channel to disseminate information to all staff/students. Notices are classified into three types, Urgent Notices, Administrative and Services Notices and General Notices and are placed in a centralized location – Notices for Staff/Students in the My Page tab of HKU Portal. In addition, Urgent Notices can be sent to staff and students via SMS, bulk email and/or to all smart phone user installed HKU App via HKU App notification in a timely manner. Staff and students can easily search the notices through the searching functions provided by the system.

This user guide aims at providing a step by step procedure for HKU Staff and Students to view posting notices and search notices in the eNotices System.

Type of notices

There are 3 types of notices –

TypesDescriptionSubmittersDissemination channels
Urgent NoticeImportant notices that should be disseminated urgently
  • President’s Office
  • Registrar
  • CPAO sending on behalf of above
  • MyPage of HKU Portal
  • SMS
  • Bulk email
  • HKU App
Administrative and Services NoticeGeneral notices from administrative offices and service operation notices from service departments
  • Faculty Offices
  • Administrative & service departments
  • MyPage of HKU Portal
General NoticeGeneral notices from all departments
  • All departments
  • MyPage of HKU Portal


1. Notice type

Urgent Notice

Administrative and Services Notice

General Notice

urgent Notice

admin notice

general notice

2. Notice category



icon 1

Admission Talk / Career Talk / Information Session / Open Day

icon 2

Ceremony / Press Conference / Media Event

icon 3

Continuing Professional Development Short Course

icon 4


icon 5


icon 6

Performance Arts (music, dance, drama etc.)

icon 7

Public Lecture / Forum / Seminar / Workshop / Conference / Symposium

How to do?

Case 1: View notices in HKU Portal

  1. Login HKU Portal (
  2. case 1 a
  3. Notices will be shown in the Notices for Staff/Students in My Page tab.
  4. case 1 b

Case 2: View the online help

  1. Click on the “?” tab.
  2. Help page will be shown.
  3. case 2 b

Case 3: View the notice

  1. Click on the title of the notice.
  2. case 3 a
  3. The content of the notice will be opened in a new tab/window.
  4. case 3 b

Case 4: Search notices

  1. Click on “Search Notices” tab.
  2. Enter the search criteria in the fields provided.
  3. Click “Search” button.
  4. case 4 c
  5. Search result will be shown.
  6. case 4 d

Case 5: Mark the event on the personal e-calendar

  1. Open the eNotice from HKU Daily Notice or Notices for Staff/Students in the My Page tab of HKU Portal.
  2. case 5 a
  3. Click on the “Mark your e-calendar” button to mark the event on the e-calendar.
  4. case 5 b
  5. HKU Calendar Services will be shown and the event information will be displayed in the information box.
  6. case 5 c
  7. Click on the “Download iCal calendar file” button to download the iCal calendar file.
  8. case 5 d
  9. By default, your e-calendar in your mobile device will be opened and prompt for confirmation to mark the event to your calendar after the iCal calendar file has been downloaded to your mobile device successfully.However, some Android users may need to import the iCal calendar file manually to the e-calendar by iCalendar file importing App or import to Google Calendar.
  10. case 5 e

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