User Guide on eNotices System

User Guide on eNotices System


The eNotices System is the primary communication channel provided by ITS for departments to disseminate notices and announcements to University staff and students.  

There are three types of notices under the eNotices System, namely “Urgent Notices”“Administrative and Services Notices” and “General Notices” serving notices of different nature.  eNotices System is a self-service system through which departments can submit and approve notices on their own.  

The System operates around-the-clock.  All notices submitted through the eNotices System and approved by departments will be viewable under MyPage tab of HKU Portal within an hour.  A daily email digest consolidating all notices from departments will be sent to all staff and students through which they can read the list of notices at a glance and read those of interest in full by visiting the links provided in the email digest.  

Guidelines on Using the eNotices System

  1. All departments can assign submitters and approvals, one or multiple, for using the eNotices System.  The role of submitter and approver can be taken up by the same person or different persons.  Departments can decide on the role assignment based on their needs.  
  2. Urgent Notices are for use by submitters and approvers nominated by the President’s Office and Registry in support of urgent notices issuance by the University’s senior management.  Administrative and Services Notices are for use by faculty offices, administrative offices and service departments. Click here for details. 
  3. There is no limit on the number of messages submitted by departments through the eNotices System on a single day.  The system operates around-the-clock.    
  4. The default posting department of a notice is the department name of the submitter. In case the submitter is working for more than one departments, he/she can choose the posting department to use among his/her belonging departments.  ITS may consider special requests for using a non-default posting department on request. 
  5. A staff member can be the submitter and/or approver of the eNotices System for multiple departments that he/she is working for. 
  6. The eNotices System is used for distributing University-related information endorsed by a department.  Requests from individuals will not be entertained. 
  7. eNotices System is a platform supported by Information Technology Services and supports this service in the role of a carrier.  Submitting departments are fully responsible for the contents of their messages. 
  8. All non-English messages have to be accompanied by a English version/summary in the same message to facilitate readers who can only read English to understand. 
  9. General Notices/Administrative and Services Notices can be submitted in HTML format while Urgent Notices can be submitted in plain text format. 
  10. Character limit-
    1. Title of the notice: 400 characters 
    2. Abstract of the notice: 100 characters (abstract contains the first 100 characters that will be displayed in the email digest/MyPage tab of each notice) 
    3. Message body: no character limit

Apply for Submitter/Approver

Departments can nominate submitter(s) and approver(s) of eNotices System by submitting CF25.

Training material on eNotices System

Types of eNotices

eNotices TypeSubmitting departmentsDissemination Channels
1. General notices
  • All departments
  • HKU Portal – “My Page” tab
  • Daily email digest
2. Administrative and Services notices
  • Faculty offices
  • Administrative offices#
  • Service departments*
  • HKU Portal – “My Page” tab
  • Daily email digest
3. Urgent notices
  • Offices in support of urgent notices issuance by the University’s senior management
  • HKU Portal – “My Page” tab
  • Daily email digest
Optional channels:
  • Individual email to HKU staff/students
  • SMS notification (at cost)✔ to HK mobile phone numbers registered by staff and students
  • HKU App notification✔ to devices with HKU App installed (requires HKU Portal login to read the details)

# Administrative offices include: Development & Alumni Affairs Office, Equal Opportunity Unit, Estates Office, Finance and Enterprises Office, Internal Audit Office, Knowledge Exchange Office, Registry (Academic Advising Office, Academic Support and Examinations Section, Admissions and Academic Liaison Section, Communications and Public Affairs Office, Curriculum Development and Quality Assurance Section, General Services, Human Resource Section, Research Services, Scholarships Office, SIS Project Office) and President’s Office.

* Service departments include: Centre of Development and Resources for Students, General Education Unit, Hong Kong University Press, Information Technology Services, Laboratory Animal Unit, Safety Office, Technology Transfer Office, University Archives, University Health Service, University Libraries, University Museum and Art Gallery.


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