User Guide on Simultaneous Ring

Simultaneous Ring is a feature that allows Cisco IP phone users to use their mobile phones to receive calls being made to their IP phones at office. All HKU full time staff who currently using Cisco IP phones are eligible to use this service.

When there is an incoming call to the IP phone at office, both user’s IP phone and mobile phone will ring. User can answer the call either on his/her IP phone or mobile phone. User can also switch the call between IP phone and mobile phone.

Note: This feature has no effect for all calls which are made to the mobile phone directly.

1. Application for the Simultaneous Ring

Submit application to ITS by sending email to and provide the following information:

  • User’s extension number.
  • User’s portal UID.
  • The mobile phone number that you wish to link up with Simultaneous Ring.

The Simultaneous Ring feature will be setup within 3 working days. You will be notified when the feature is ready.

After the Simultaneous Ring feature has been setup, it is turned off by default. You can turn on and off the feature by following the procedures under step 2.

2. Turn On/Off the Simultaneous Ring feature (Screen captures are from IP phone model Cisco 8945 but the procedures are the same for other IP phone models)

By default, the feature is turned off. You have to turn on the feature on your IP phone. When the feature is turned on, both IP phone and registered mobile phone will ring when a call is made to your IP phone. When the feature is turned off, only your IP phone will ring. Note: This feature has no effect for all calls which made to your mobile phone directly.

  1. Press “More” in the softkey panel until the “Mobility” function appears. Select “Mobility”.



  1. Press “Select” to toggle enable mobile connect (turn on)/ disable mobile connect (turn off) the Simultaneous Ring.



Turn on Simultaneous Ring

Turn off Simultaneous Ring

After turning on Simultaneous Ring, simply answer to phone calls as usual on your IP phone or mobile phone.

Note: There will be a delay of a few seconds before your mobile phone starts ringing.

3. Switch an In-Progress Call on IP phone to mobile phone

  1. Press “More” in the softkey panel until the “Mobility” function appears.
  2. Press “Mobility” in the softkey panel.
  3. Press “Select” to send call to mobile phone.

  4. The call is now switched to your mobile phone, answer the call on your mobile phone and hang up your IP phone.

4. Switch an In-Progress Call on mobile phone to IP phone (only for incoming call made to office IP phone number and picked up by mobile phone via Simultaneous Ring)

  1. Hang up the call on mobile phone. 
  2. Press the flashing line button within five seconds on IP phone to pick up the call.

For any enquiry, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 3917 0123 or email to



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