Google has announced a new storage policy for all institutions using Google Workspace for Education editions which will take effect in July 2022. This means the unlimited storage offered to qualifying schools and universities for free by Google will come to an end.

HKU Connect users are requested to reduce their total storage of to within 1TB by end of 2021. This is to ensure they can continue accessing their HKU accounts after a quota limit will be imposed by Google in early 2022.

Please note that Google does NOT offer a pay option for individuals to purchase additional storage for their school accounts using Google Workspace for Education editions.

Before you start any data migration, please read the following notes:

Note 1: You are recommended NOT to transfer your emails UNTIL the account migration date in June/July 2022 to avoid possible issues in synchronizing the emails caused by multiple data transfers.

Note 2: For graduates, please reset your graduate email account password by clicking here.  If you are unable to recall your username or password, please click here.

This is a one-off action only.  You need to complete the password reset before your first-time login to HKU Microsoft OneDrive.

Quick Links

Review current Google storage

Manage files in Google storage

Reduce Google storage

A. Disable Google backup and sync

If you are using Google Backup and Sync to backup your computer(s), please stop syncing Google Drive files with Backup and Sync by doing the steps below.

Google Drive for Windows:

  1. Click the Google Drive icon on your taskbar. Click the gear icon and select Preference. Make sure the login account is

    google 02

  2. Click the gear icon.

    google 03

  3. Click Disconnect account.

    google 04

  4. Click Disconnect. The client will stop backup & sync.

    google 05

  5. After disconnect the Google Drive client, please go to Google Drive -> Computers, select your computer backup(s) and delete them

  6. Empty Trash after deletion.

bulb_iconTip for Microsoft OneDrive Users:

Microsoft OneDrive provides similar function on file backup and sync. See the steps for Windows MacOS 

Google Drive for Mac:

  1. Click the Google Drive icon on the Menu bar.  Click the gear icon and select Preference. Make sure the login account is

    google 06

  2. Click the gear icon.

    google 07

  3. Click Disconnect account.

    google 08

  4. Click Disconnect. The client will stop backup & sync.

    google 09

  5. After disconnect the Google Drive client, please go to Google Drive -> Computers, select your computer backup(s) and delete them.

  6. Empty Trash after deletion.

    google 10

bulb_iconTip for Microsoft OneDrive Users: 

Microsoft OneDrive provides similar function on file backup and sync. See the steps for Windows MacOS .

B. Reduce Google Drive Storage

Note: If you are using Google Drive desktop client to backup and sync your computer, please complete the steps on “Disable Google backup and sync” BEFORE you do the following steps.

  1. Go to and your total storage under Google Drive is shown on the left menu. You can see your files saved under Google Drive. Delete the unwanted files.

    google 11google 12
  2. If you are using Shared Drives, go to to review the list of shared files.

  3. Select your shared drive.

  4. Select all files/folders.  Drag and drop your files to My Drive.

  5. Repeat the steps above for all other shared drives. 

  6. Delete the unwanted files and empty the Trash.

  7. The previously shared files/folders using Google Drive will become inaccessible once they are relocated.  Share the your files/folders again if necessary.

C. Reduce Google Photos Storage

Note: If are using Original quality and you want to download the original photos, please follow the guide to download all photos before changing the option to “Storage saver”.

According to Google’s policy, all new photos and videos you upload from 1 June 2021 onwards will count toward user’s storage no matter the backup quality is in original or high quality.

Please follow the steps below to turn off Google Photos backup on all your mobile devices and PCs if you want to save your Google storage:

  1. Go to > Upload size for photos & videos > Storage saver.

    google 13

  2. Turn off Google Photos backup on all your mobile devices and PCs

    1. Open Google Photos app, click your account icon at the top right. Make sure the login account is

    2. Click the Backup complete option.

      google 14

    3. Click the gear icon.

      google 15

    4. Turn off Back up & sync.

      google 16

    5. Go back to the main page and click your account icon. The backup option will show Backup is off.

      google 17

  3.  When you complete migrating the Google Photos, visit and delete photos and videos created after June 1,  2021 which are counted under your storage. 

bulb_iconTip for Microsoft OneDrive Users:

Microsoft OneDrive provides similar function on photo and video backup and sync. See the steps for iOS / Android / Windows / MacOS 

D. Reduce Gmail Storage

Enter “larger:20M” in the search box to find out emails larger than 20MB. Delete unwanted emails.

google 18

Transfer Data

Below summarize the recommended tools you can use in data transfer:

Items to TransferSuggested ToolMigration PathReference Link

Export and download data from the Google products such as

  • Email
  • Documents
  • Calendar
  • Photos
  • YouTube videos
  • Data about registration and account activity
Google Takeout

Google products local PC or other drives

(*NOT applicable to HKU Microsoft OneDrive which is Microsoft OneDrive for Business)

Google DriveMoverHKU Connect Google Drive > HKU Microsoft OneDriveLink
Google CalendarNative import/export function under Google CalendarHKU Connect Gmail account > Personal Gmail accountLink
Google ContactsNative import/export function under Google ContactsHKU Connect Gmail account > HKU Connect Microsoft account (the Microsoft email account will be ready in June/July 2022)Link
Google PhotosGoogle TakeoutHKU Connect Google Photos > local PC >
HKU Microsoft OneDrive

1. Email in Gmail (not contacts, chats, or tasks)

2. Documents in Google Drive (except files in the “Google Photos” section of Drive)

3. Documents in My Drive

Google Transfer

(Please login your account and your personal Gmail account using TWO different browsers (e.g. Chrome + Firefox) to do this data transfer.)

HKU Connect Gmail account > Personal Gmail account

(* Personal Gmail account is having a default free storage of 15GB.  Please purchase more storage if the data to transfer exceeds 15GB BEFORE you do the transfer.)


A. Use of HKU Microsoft OneDrive

You can make use of the HKU Microsoft OneDrive assigned to transfer your Google storage to.  

  1. Go to and click Sign in.Note 1
  2. Select Work or school account.
  3. Enter (for students and graduates) or (for staff) and your password.
  4. You can start using the HKU Microsoft OneDrive.

Note 1For graduates, please reset your graduate account password ONCE before you can use HKU Microsoft OneDrive (see Note 2 above).

B. Transfer Google Drive (HKU Connect Google Drive > HKU Microsoft OneDrive)

This tool can migrate data from HKU Connect Google Drive to personal Microsoft OneDrive or HKU Microsoft OneDrive for Business accounts.  For graduates, please login to your OneDrive once before doing the following steps.

  1. Visit Mover at and login with for staff/ for student/graduate; or your personal Microsoft account like
  2. After login to Mover:
    1. Under Select source, click Authorize New Connector > Google Drive (Single User) > Authorize > Authorize > choose > Allow.
    2. Under Select destination, click Authorize New Connector OneDrive for Business (Single User) > Authorize Authorize.
    3. You will be prompted to sign in using (for student/graduate) or (for staff).
    4. Select destination folder and click Start Copy.
  3. After checking the data has been transferred in good order, delete files from your HKU Connect Google Drive.

We made some testing on data transfer using Mover and the processing time is tabulated below for your reference (note that the processing time varies case by case depending on the number of files, file types, etc.):

Data sizeProcessing time
250GB1 day
1TB4 days
2TB7 days

After you initiate the data transfer on Mover, you can close the browser and turn off your PC.  To check the data transfer progress, you can go to and select Migration Manager.  You will receive a completion email after the data transfer is completed.

C. Transfer Google Calendar (HKU Connect Account > Personal Gmail Account)

  1. Login to your HKU Connect Google Calendar.

  2. Click the gear icon, select Settings. Click Import & export, under Export, click Export.

  3. The ICS file in zip format will be downloaded.

  4. Login to your personal Google Calendar.

  5. If you want to import the Google Calendar of your HKU Connect account to a new calendar under your personal Gmail account, click the gear icon and select Settings. Click Add calendar and Create new calendar. Add a name and description and click Create calendar.

  6. Under Settings, click Import & export. Under Import, select the downloaded ICS file mentioned in point 3 above. The calendar items will be added into your selected calendar under your personal Gmail Account.

D. Transfer Google Contacts (HKU Connect Gmail Account to HKU Connect Microsoft Account)

Step 1: Export My Contacts from HKU Connect Gmail account
  1. Sign in your Gmail account via using your HKU Portal UID and PIN.
  2. connect mail login
  3. Select all Contacts and Export
    1. Go to Google Contacts.
    2. Select one of the following:
      • A single contact: Check the box next to the contact name.
      • Multiple contacts: Check the boxes next to the multiple contacts you want to export.
      • All contacts: Check the box next to any contact and at the top left, click Selection actions > All.
      • all contacts
    3. At the top left, click More actionsmore optionsExport.
    4. export
    5. To back up your contacts, select Outlook CSV > Export. The exported .csv file will be saved at the default download location of your PC.
    6. export
Step 2: Import Google Contacts to HKU Connect Microsoft account (will be ready on the migration date in June/July 2022)
  1. Sign in to M365 Outlook (
  2. outlook login
  3. Import the .csv file saved under Step 1.
    1. Select contact iconto go to the People page.
    2. your contacts
    3. Under the toolbar, select Manage > Import contacts.
    4. import contacts
    5. Select Browse > choose your .csv file > Open > Import.
    6. import
    7. Select Close to finish the import.
    8. import successfully

E. Transfer Google Photos (HKU Connect Google Photos > Local PC > HKU Microsoft OneDrive)

Direct transfer of Google Photos to Microsoft OneDrive is not yet supported by Google Takeout. You can use Google Takeout to download all Google Photos to your computer and upload them to HKU Microsoft OneDrive using the following steps.

  1. Go to this link to download Google Photos data and login with

  2. Select Google Photos and click Next step.

  3. Under Delivery method, select Send download link via email and click Create export.

  4. Click the Download button and the file will be downloaded to your PC

  5. Unzip the downloaded file and upload the Google Photos folder to your HKU Microsoft OneDrive manually.

    google 19

    google 20

  6. After the data transfer is completed and checked in good order, please follow the steps described at Reduce Google Photos Storage to reduce the storage under your HKU Connect account.


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