Update on Migration of HKU Connect Accounts from Google to Microsoft

Migration of HKU Connect Accounts from Google to Microsoft banner
Following our earlier email sent to you on October 4, 2021 regarding “Migration of HKU Connect Accounts from Google to Microsoft”, below is an update on this migration exercise:
  1. Important Dates
  2. Switch over of HKU Connect account from Google to Microsoft (i.e., the email will be delivered to Microsoft) June 1, 2022
    Google account remains accessible for data transfer (read-only access) until May 31, 2023
    Registration for keeping a Google account for authentication purposes before May 31, 2023
    Deletion of Google account (if not kept for authentication) June 1, 2023
  3. Changes to You

    Your email account UID@connect.hku.hk will remain unchanged for sending and receiving emails on Microsoft 365 platform (i.e., no change to the email address and login credentials) and there is 5TB storage on OneDrive.  Please click here (Q2) to see the changes to you after your account is migrated.

  4. Actions Required by You Now
    1. Activate your Microsoft account here (for alumni only if you have not accessed the HKU OneDrive before). Transfer data from your Google account to your Microsoft account or other storage if you wish to keep a copy before June 1, 2023, i.e., the account deletion date (steps here). For emails, please migrate them on or after June 1, 2022.  We shall write to you again on the steps for email migration and mail client setup in May 2022.
    2. After your Google storage is emptied, register to keep your Google account for authentication if necessary (steps here).
  5. More information

    You may check the Video and the FAQ to learn more about the arrangement.

In case you have questions on the above, please contact our Service Desk at 3917 0123 or ithelp@hku.hk.