Migration of HKU Connect Accounts from Google to Microsoft

Migration of HKU Connect Accounts from Google to Microsoft banner

Google has announced a new storage policy for all institutions using Google Workspace for Education editions which will take effect in July 2022.  This means the unlimited storage offered to qualifying schools and universities for free by Google will come to an end.

After considering the possible alternatives and the associated cost implication arising from Google’s policy change, we have decided to migrate all HKU Connect accounts being used by students and graduates from Google to Microsoft.   Each Microsoft account will have 5 TB storage and users can keep using the same email address and login credentials to continue using the HKU Connect accounts on the Microsoft platform.

The tentative account migration date is around June or July 2022.  We will set up all user accounts on Microsoft and users will migrate the contents from their Google accounts to the Microsoft or other accounts, if necessary. 

After the migration date,  

  1. The Google accounts will be kept accessible for a 12-month period for users to migrate their emails and files to the Microsoft or other accounts.  During this period, the Google accounts will have no email sending, email receiving and file sharing functions.
  2. New emails will go to the Microsoft accounts and users can start using them for sending emails from their HKU email address @connect.hku.hk.   

More details, including the confirmed migration date and data migration procedures, will be sent to all HKU connect users around April or May 2022.

For Google accounts having a total storage (including emails, files and photos) exceeding 1 TB, please remove some files/emails and keep the storage size within 1 TB by end of 2021.  This is to ensure users can continue accessing their Google accounts after a quota limit will be imposed by Google in early 2022.   Please click here to see the ways on reducing the size of your Google storage.  

In case you have questions on the above, please contact our Service Desk at 3917 0123 or ithelp@hku.hk.

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