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Upgrade of HARNET Internet Service in March 2014

We are pleased to inform our users that the bandwidth of the HARNET connections connecting to the global Internet and TEIN4 (Trans-Eurasia Information Network) network have recently been upgraded through the joint effort of the JUCC (Joint Universities Computer Centre) institutions in early March 2014.  The upgrade enables JUCC member institutions to better accommodate the growing demand for Internet bandwidth in support of their teaching, learning and research activities.

After the upgrade, the HARNET-Internet connections are offering the following bandwidth:

  • 3.8Gbps to global internet (3.5Gbps before upgrade)
  • 120Mbps to Trans-Eurasia Information Network, TEIN4 (90Mbps before upgrade)
  • 4Gbps to local HK internet via HKIX
  • 155Mbps to China via CERNET

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