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Setting up Secret Questions to Protect Your Accounts

Setting “Secret Question for Portal PIN” is a self-help service enabling one to retrieve or reset one’s HKU Portal PIN (password) anytime.   With a secret question set, in case you have forgotten your password or your account has been disabled for security reason, you will be able to have your account re-enabled automatically in 10 minutes, by giving a valid answer to your secret question instead of having to follow a procedure to prove your identity to us.

To set up your secret question, search for the keywords Secret Question in the Search field inside the HKU Portal.  You may select one of the five pre-defined questions or define your own secret question, and provide your answer.


  • Do not include any password information in the self-defined secret question or answer.
  • Select a question that you can answer easily but difficult for others to guess.
  • Secret question is also confidential information, don’t disclose it to others.

Veronica Yick
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