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Enhancements to Bulk Email Submission System

The Bulk Email Submission System is a communication channel provided by ITS for teaching departments and administrative offices to send notices primarily to target recipient groups, on top of the primary channel, eNotices System.  Teaching departments can deliver bulk email to sub-groups of staff/students while central administrative offices can send to sub-groups or all staff/students on a need basis.

The Bulk Email System (BES) has been recently enhanced with the following new features:

  1. The interface for selection of recipient categories by HKU Students, HKU Staff and HKU Teaching Staff has been updated.  Departmental submitters can also select sub-groups under each recipient category to refine the selection.

Figure 1: Added buttons for selecting sub-groups of each recipient category

  1. The departmental submitters can choose to deliver a message in the next 7 days after the submission date. This provides a flexibility for departments to submit a bulk email in advance and schedule to deliver it on a later date.

Figure 2: Enhancement allowing selection of delivery date of bulk email

  1. An enhanced editor helps submitters to compose a bulk email with more formatting options.  This new editor comes with an advanced filtering function which will remove non-standard codes from the HTML version automatically.

Figure 3: New editor for composing bulk email content in HTML


  1. The interface being used by staff and students on bulk email control is also enhanced by adding three buttons:
    – “Include only My Faculty/My Dept & central admin offices”
    – “Include all departments”
    – “Exclude all departments”

Figure 4: New buttons to facilitate staff and students to include/exclude source departments of the bulk emails to be received 


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