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WiFi Upgrade in Student Residential Halls

The existing residential hall WiFi infrastructure has been in service for almost 13 years since its introduction in 2008. The equipment is becoming obsolete and will reach end-of-life by end of this year.

A phased WiFi upgrade project for residential halls was kicked off during academic year 2020/2021.  Instead of having WiFi access points (AP) installed along the corridors of each floor, room-based APs are installed in each room riding on a new WiFi infrastructure.

This new room-based WiFi infrastructure gives a better WiFi performance as interference caused by shared corridor APs is avoided.  It also supports the latest WiFi 6 technology which is delivering improved performance over the older WiFi standards. 

The upgrade work in the following residential halls has been completed and the upgrade in other halls will continue:

  • Lee Hysan Hall
  • Wei Lun Hall
  • RC Lee Hall
  • Madam S H Ho Residence for Medical Students
  • Patrick Manson Student Residence
  • University Hall
  • Morrison Hall
  • Lee Shau Kee Hall
  • Suen Chi Sun Hall
  • Lady Ho Tung Hall
  • Starr Hall
  • St John’s College

We will provide another update when the WiFi upgrade work in other halls is completed.


Tony Lai
Network Operations Team
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