FAQ on Mailman Mailing List

…from outside HKU, please connect HKUVPN to enable connection to the Web GUI. For List Member How to subscribe a mailing list? User can send mail to <mailing list name>-subscribe@listserv.hku.hk….


…Click “Save and display”. Advanced settings Select “Advanced settings” tab on the top of the page. Under the “Content options” section, enter the title and additional information. ItemDescriptionQuestionnaire Type It…

How to enable spell check function in webmail interface (OWA)?

…described below. Spell checker for Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-do-i-use-firefox-spell-checker Spell checker for Chrome: Click button. Click Settings. Click Show advanced settings…. Choose Language and input settings…. Choose your preferred language and check…

Procedure for Other Systems to Access eduroam

Pre-requisite Configuration Procedure Security Note A. Pre-requisite Please check to make sure your Wi-Fi LAN Card is WPA-compliance and install the latest WLAN driver from the vendor on your device….

Procedure for Mac OS X to Access eduroam

A. Pre-requisite To access eduroam Wi-Fi, please check to make sure your WiFi LAN card is WPA-compliant; and update the WLAN driver to the latest version. B. Configuration Procedure (to…

HKU Virtual Private Network (HKUVPN)

HKU Virtual Private Network (HKUVPN)

…the IT systems and electronic resources in the same way as if they are within the campus network. 2-factor authentication (2FA) is required for accessing HKUVPN. Configuration Procedures Connection Procedures

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