IP Phone

ITS supports the central telephone service of the University.  Apart from the provision of fixed line phone system, IP (Internet Protocol) phones are deployed in all new University premises and renovated offices. 

ITS also supports the University central operator service through 2859 2111 and chatbot. This web-based chatbot supports HKU Office Telephone Directory Enquiry in text-to-text mode in both English and Tradition Chinese.

Provision Guideline



Full-time staff

One extension per staff

Part-time staff

One shared extension line for sharing among the part time staff that are equivalent to one full time staff

A group of demonstrators in a room

One shared extension

Laboratory room

One shared extension

** The above provision guideline does not apply to self-funded departments or HKU subsidiaries.

No charge will be incurred on the centrally funded departments if the phone line provision is within the entitlement. Charge will however be applied for all civil works required such as cable laying and request for additional extensions and phone sets beyond entitlement.

Self-funded departments or HKU subsidiaries will be charged at full cost of the phone service provided, including phone sets, licenses, telephone lines rental, and system maintenance cost.


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